Deck, Pergola & Outdoor Room Extension Design Projects

You probably already have a firm idea of what you require from your project. However, the best approach to fulfilling these needs may be less apparent. Each solution has its own advantages and drawbacks.

The many and varied small home projects has grown from simple lean-to verandas to major outdoor entertainment area’s demanding similar approach from a drafting perspective to the permit requirements government require.

Council and Government requirements siting and site requirements are no different for a Veranda (for example which is considered an extension to the dwelling) than that of a full dwelling extension in what a plan and a building permit covers and requires.



The home Verandah or Patio often referred to as a Pergola.

Our extensive experience with these projects will provide you a clear insight into design, location and outcome for your outdoor living project that can be achieved within our set price fee. Steel veranda structures are to engineers design


Carports represent a very commonly built domestic project. The days of just throwing up a lean to flat carport have changed dramatically of the the past 30 years. This is often because house already have garage or owners objectives and uses for their carports have changed beyond just shielding the car from rain and sun.

Building codes do provide some different rules and siting options for Carports than those for a Verandah’s and we will be able to advise your project options. Method of construction and materials are often similar to Verandahs given that many carports also double as the main outdoor undercover area. Your selection of materials and outcome will form part of your briefing.

Items that are generally more specific for carport are that they are often closer to boundaries (to side of dwelling) or often viewed from the front of your property.
These issues plus the extra widths needed (ie: double carport is required) often mean the needs of a carport can be multi use plus more visual requirements where they considered as a feature to front of dwelling.


Without doubt a decking structure forming the basis of an outdoors entertainment and patio area can be a stunning extension to your home that adds not only value but style and lifestyle of your home.

Its true there’s are sites that due to location of dwelling and ground conditions simply cry out for a decking area to assist with the connection between inside and outside.

Deckings tend to be a more expensive build option than other outdoor paving options such as concrete, pavers etc. but often provide substantial better visual outcomes.

Often a deck is a “cooler” area due to the low thermal character of a timber deck.
Some items to consider with your deck include deck – material type, handrail materials and visual outcome, size and shape to ensure its effective for your requirements.