Internal Renovation Projects

Internal Renovations can improve the liveability and sustainability of your home with careful planning, thoughtful design and a considered choice of builder.
Most local governments have planning policies that allow minor internal and external changes that don’t alter structure or services to be made without council approval, but it is always best to check first. Alterations to services (plumbing, drainage, gas and electrical) do require approval and inspection by the relevant authority but may not require planning or building approval.
Even for minor renovations, some work is likely to require tradespeople.

Even for minor renovations, some work is likely to require tradespeople. Ask for references, sight a current licence and insurance policies, and consider a simple contract that describes the work, its cost (or hourly rates) and any warranty. Simple contracts are available from most building industry peak bodies.

The design staff at Dawes Design will take you through all the available options to compare how alternative design implementations will work in your home.
Designing your renovation requires the integration of the old with the new on both the aesthetic and functional levels. At Dawes Design we take the opportunity to review all aspects of your home’s design. Our renovation function as an integral part of your new house layout.

Our design team select all building materials to match or complement the original, creating a seamless transition internally. The architectural style of your renovation is carefully crafted to complement and enhance your existing home, maintaining its overall character. Alternatively you may decide to radically remodel the appearance of your home, adding a modern or period features. Dawes Design has vast experience designing in a wide range of styles and materials and can create design solutions to satisfy your individual needs.