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So you’ve found your perfect block of land, now for the perfect new home design. The beauty of designing a home from scratch is the opportunity it provides for you to become intimately involved with the project. Better still, we can help you ensure it doesn’t have to be an expensive project.
Unlike many designers and architects, we understand that your budget is your budget. It’s not a starting point or a figure to be ignored. So we do everything in our power to make the most of every dollar. After all, there’s not much point design the perfect home only to find you can’t afford to build it.

Your Dream, Your Home, Your individual Design

We never forget it’s your dream but in order to achieve it you have to be able to share that dream. So it’s important we establish strong lines of communication as the better our relationship, the better the end result. Spending time together helps us establish a clear and concise brief that takes into account all your requirements including:

-Your family’s needs and lifestyle
-Your budget
-Your short, medium and long-term plans
-Your land’s location
-Check which direction the block lies. A northerly rear will provide sun in your backyard all year round so it’s the prefect block for a backyard pool.
-Check which way the prevailing winds blow, as this will play a major role in cross ventilation and the cooling of your home.
-Check the number and location of trees on your property and those of you neighbours’ property.
-Identify any privacy concerns both for you and your neighbours
-Determining Bush-Fire Prone land Rating (BAL).
(Ensuring compliance with such restrictions can be challenging but it’s something we have a great deal of experience in.)

And while we’ll look at a number of existing homes to get a sense of what you like the end result will be something unique to your family.